Jackie & Andrew Paffrath

P.O. Box 680 - Bellevue, WA 98009

Jackie: 206-369-2009

Andrew: 206-914-0070

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Here's what Jackie & Andrew's advisers have to say about Jostens products and their services.


Monica Edwards at Madrona K8, Edmonds School District

"I've been acquainted with Jackie Paffrath for approximately ten years. I really feel Jackie and I work as a team to put together each edition of our book. Jackie has a tremendous enthusiasm and passion for yearbook and this energy is contagious in each visit she makes to my class. Each year she makes several visits to my class giving presentations related to theme, photo editing, design and trends. Jackie is organized and knowledgeable and makes each staff member know that their contributions are important. I haven't ever considered using a different vendor because of the fabulous response, resources and customer service the company has provided. I look forward to working together for many more years to come!"

Sarah Walker - Lake Stevens Middle School

"Jackie Paffrath plays so many roles than just a Jostens's representative. She is a mentor, a cheerleader, a voice of reality, a part of our school family and an inspirational teacher. Jackie has an incredible talent of walking you through the process of creating your yearbook. She models what all teachers strive to be, the guide on the side. Jackie attentively listens to your ideas and before you know it, you are answering your own questions. She just has that ability to increase your confidence even when you are a new yearbook adviser. You can easily tell that Jackie believes in her product and believes in you. She helps you work to the best of your ability. Jackie is the main reason we use Jostens as our publisher and not entertain any thoughts of moving to a different company. Simply put, Jackie is amazing."

Scott Conner - Yearbook Advisor, Nooksack Valley High School

"Having been a yearbook advisor for the past 20 years, I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of different companies and even more yearbook representatives. I believe Jackie is the best yearbook representative I have worked with! I heartily agree with the others that Jackie goes above and beyond whatever we have asked of her. She is very knowledgeable and easy to work with and knows all the ins and outs of yearbook design and publication. The one thing that really stands out with Jackie, is that she really cares about people and is there whenever you need her. Even though she is a couple hours away, I have never had a problem communicating with Jackie. Whether I e-mail her or call her with questions, she has always responded quickly and professionally. Jackie has always been great with my students and is constantly willing to help out in any way that she can. I would definitely recommend that any school looking for a yearbook publishing company check out Jostens, and their terrific representative Jackie Paffrath.”

Barb Parent - Chimacum High School, English Teacher/Yearbook Adviser

“I cannot say enough about Jackie’s skills working with both high school students and teachers, troubleshooting technical and editorial problems, and being a consistently enthusiastic voice in a consistently challenging position. One of the personal traits that I appreciate most in jackie is her drive to get things done. Email concerns are always answered promptly with a solution or a fixed plan of attack, and this is significant to me as a relatively new advisor. I have never felt as if I was being put on hold because she was tied up with a more important problem; in fact, Jackie has the knack of making me feel as if I am the only advisor she is working with. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that her other advisors feel just the same way. But perhaps Jackie’s greatest asset is her enthusiastic, can-do attitude. Certainly my work as a yearbook advisor is stressful, but seriously, it is difficult to feel as if any problem is insurmountable around Jackie Mercurio. I particularly appreciate that Jackie empowers both me and my students to do what we need to, rather than stepping and doing it for us.”

Roland Smith - Gig Harbor High School, Computer Applications/Yearbook Adviser

“Jackie is in my opinion one of the best yearbook representatives I have worked with in my 15 years as an advisor. She relates well to our students and has always gone above and beyond whatever we have asked of her, including offering summer camps for our staff, being in class teaching and assisting two to three times per month and always available via phone. Jackie offers exuberance for yearbook that I have not seen in other representatives. Her knowledge of layout, photography, and design along with all aspects of yearbook production are wonderful. On the very rare occasion that she does have an answer she is prompt to get it, and always follows through with getting back to me as well as my students. If you are looking for a company that offers great printing Jostens is wonderful, if you add in the local area service you recieve you will be amazed at how well the advisor and students are served from Jackie.”

Renee Malowney - Lynnwood High School, English Teacher/Yearbook Adviser

“Within a few minutes of meeting Jackie, I knew I wanted to work with her. I immediately sensed her enthusiasm and dedication and I felt that she would become an integral part of our yearbook process. She was interested in and excited about our theme and committed to continual improvement in technology use and creativity. Not only has she not disappointed me in those areas, she has exceeded all my expectations and gone above and beyond in nearly every regard. My yearbook staff members have come to know her well and look forward to her frequent visits. She is personable and has a way of putting them at ease, challenging them to come up with new and excited ideas. She spent time with us in the summer and was an invaluable asset during the creative process of designing our cover and choosing fonts and layouts. Our other rep had been with our school for many years and he and the district tried to discourage my decision. But I stuck to my decision and we have rewarded many times over. Jackie has been everything I knew she would be; enthusiastic, knowledgeable, tireless, and absolutely committed. She has not let me down even once and has exceeded my expectations many times. I will not be changing reps again any time soon.”

Stephanie Rowan-Bailey - Rainier Christian High School, French Teacher/Yearbook Adviser

“Jackie’s charisma and enthusiasm from the very beginning quickly endeared me to her as it did for my students. In the past, we have always felt like we were not a priority to any of the yearbook publishing companies we have worked with, mainly due to our size and because we are not a huge financial asset to any publishing program. However, Jackie has completely turned our opinions around. She has visited our school more times than all the representatives in the past five years combined. Her customer service is beyond stellar! Jackie has by far exceeded my expectations.”

Saleem Kareem - West Seattle High School, Yearbook Adviser

“As you probably know, the first year yearbook adviser has much to learn the first time out the gate. Personally, my first year was plagued with all kinds of unexpected kinks. Whether it was issues with staff management, deciding who should be responsible for what tasks, or developing the layout concept, the pitfalls were constant. Fortunately, my yearbook representative did an amazing job keeping me together. The guidance and support I received while working with Ms. Mercurio made it possible for us to produce a beautiful yearbook of the highest quality. Her skill and professionalism are a great asset to her company. Jackie Mercurio is, without a doubt, the consummate yearbook consultant!”

Sharon Alder - Klahowya Secondary School, Activities Coordinator/Journalism Adviser/Yearbook Adviser

“I met Jackie after my first year of being a yearbook adviser for Klahowya Secondary School at the Jostens Summer Workshop. I have always liked her calm demeanor and quiet commitment to producing quality yearboooks by empowering the students. When she became my representative two years ago I was exceptionally pleased. I knew that I was getting a fantastic replacement. Jackie has always been at my beck and call willing to help me learn what I needed to know. I am grateful for the amount of time she has invested in my staff and myself. Day or night I have always been able to get a hold of Jackie to ask her advice on anything. The level of dedication Jackie will apply to getting the job done right has been tested and proved many times in our relationship. This year has been extremely difficult in making our deadlines due to snow and school closures. Her patience and calmness has been extremely thankful to this very tired yearbook adviser. She has a wonderful way of fixing any situation. She will go to the furthest extent of her powers to make something happen. She has no qualms about getting her hands dirty when it comes to finishing the project the right way. She has been there for my inexperienced Editor-in-Chief this year and once again I am tremendously grateful.”

Ken Stange - Coupeville High School, Yearbook Adviser

“Our school’s yearbook program has evolved significantly during the last two years Jackie Mercurio has been our Jostens representative. With her guidance we were able to add pages each year, and this year we produced our school’s first ever full-color yearbook! Jackie consistently comes up with ways for us to cut costs while raising quality without sending the price of a yearbook through the roof. Another quality that makes Jackie such a good representative is that she works well with the yearbook staff, especially the editor. She is always available to answer questions and offer help, and is willing to meet at our school as often as is needed. Finally, as someone who began as a novice adviser, I can truly say that Jackie has helped me grow to a point where I can be an adviser who creates a meaningful experience for my staff and a quality book for the school.”

Sally Turnell - Lindbergh High School, Yearbook Adviser

“Jackie is a lifesaver, very personable. She is able to communicate with the students on their level, and they love her. Her professionalism and dedication to creating yearbooks is remarkable. Jackie is always available, eager to come to class to help me, or the students when we have a problem. The students enjoy having her lead discussions and directing brainstorming sessions, she gets results. If you have the opportunity to work with Jackie, I highly recommend the experience.”

John Riebli - Peninsula High School, Technology teacher/Yearbook Adviser

“I have always found Jostens representatives to be knowledgeable and helpful, but Jackie stands out as a real advocate for me and my kids in producing a better book each year. First, whatever my problem she has the knowledge or access to resources to fix the problem. If she doesn’t have the answer, she gets the answer. For me that is really important because sometimes my tech people are less than helpful on computer issues. I also like how she works with the kids. Her positive and energetic interactions can take a class that lacks motivation and give them new direction. I have always found her presence in a classroom to payoff big with fresh enthusiasm and new energy and better focus. In addition, I feel that Jackie works for me. She is very conscientious about how we are spending money. Since working with her we have had no extra charges which I haven’t had a chance to review and discuss. I like that. And she has a memory like a vault. She will remind me of things I have often lost track of or neglected to get back to her on. Her tenacity in moving toward solution, to never sweep an issue under the rug, keep on top of deadlines and costs, and her unique skill in working enthusiastically with kids make her one of my favorite people and best representative ever.”