Amanda Brown of
Jostens Yearbooks

3324 E. 32nd Avenue
Spokane, WA 99223

Office:  509-387-5139

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Here's what Amanda Brown's advisers have to say about Jostens products and her services.


Miranda Timofeyev • Yearbook Adviser • Warden High School told us:

“Oh thank you so much. You’re simply the best.

Great. That sounds awesome. I’m really looking forward to doing everything through Jostens next year… you guys make life easy. “

Brian Golphenee • Yearbook Adviser • Kettle Falls High School told us:

I would just like to take a minute to talk about the way that the Jostens people after form for us at Kettle Falls high school this year. I used to just use a printing company only with no support. Jostens was able to match that price. What I hope to get from Jostens was curriculum which they delivered in droves. I was able to use that to train my staff. Lots of videos, hands-on ideas and worksheets.

The things that came on expectedly were the quality of the tech-support from Jostens. Any of my students can call their tech line and get answers to questions not only during class time but from at home when they are working on their pages. The ability to work online has been an amazing feature for production. The online software isn't perfect, I am used to Indesign and can do more things there, but the trade-off is very much worth it.

Our local rep, Amanda Brown, has been most valuable in the process. Every time we have had a hick up, cough, or sneeze she has been there to nurse us back to health. Her enthusiasm is amazing and you will enjoy working with her.

This is about my 20th year of your booking and I have enjoyed it immensely with Jostens.

Damian Smith • Yearbook Advisor • Waterville School District

Looking forward to it(our BLITZ kit) arriving!

After our chat on the phone the other day I need to say thanks.  Thanks for the re-inspiration or re-focusing, not sure which one it was, but I needed it.  I have let our book be status quo for a few editions and looking at the box of left over books I have transferred the motivation to yearbook staff.

 We are in the business of slaying some traditions that make it hard to sell books here!

Donna Baumgartner • Yearbook Advisor • Ki-Be Middle School

Thank you Amanda for your assistance in completing the first 36 pages of our yearbook and getting it to press.  It is now submitted except the last 4 pages in which we will quickly get them prepared to do in the next 3 weeks and sent off to you for full completion. It was easy and painless.  I am totally impressed with the system, training, and help you have given to make this year a success!

John Fisher • Yearbook Adviser • Umatilla HS

I really appreciate your reminders to get things submitted, otherwise I would not be doing very well as an adviser. You've helped me out a lot in my first year, and without your support we would have a very incomplete yearbook. THANKS!

“Thank you for your help this school year. I had no idea what I was doing or how to run a yearbook and you helped me be successful. I have enjoyed working on the publication and we have gotten wonderful feedback from students, parents, and staff. I couldn't have done it without you

Keira Early, PTA President from Apple Valley Elementary School in Yakima WA

"Thank you Jostens employees Aurora Hubbard and Amanda Brown. We made an unfortunate error in our yearbook that was totally our fault and was upsetting to some parents. Amanda and Aurora went to work immediately designing a new addendum page and getting it printed. They went above and beyond to help fix the problem. What remarkable employees!"